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Dear Customer,

This is Jin, the General Manager of the Amazfit Adventure Series. The latest professional outdoor watch of the Amazfit T-Rex Series is coming soon! We are very pleased to invite professional outdoor adventurers to join our Beta Testing journey and give us feedback on your experience.

About this test product:
This product inherits the tough appearance of the T-Rex series and will create an Ultra adventure experience for you with stainless steel material, mud-resistant buttons, offline maps, freediving sports modes, and many other new incredible functions.
*After signing the relevant agreement and confirming the cooperation, we can provide you with more specific product introduction and parameter information as needed.

Requirements for your participation in this project:
  1. You need to sign the cooperation agreement and confidentiality commitment letter before receiving any product information and samples, and strictly abide by the agreement requirements during the testing process;
  2. You need to start feedback according to the feedback form provided by us 2 weeks after receiving the sample. The feedback frequency is once a week, and the feedback will continue for 1-2 months, so we need you to have enough time and a good willingness to work with us;
  3. After the product is launched, you will be invited to participate in the marketing of the product on social media, forums, etc., and you can choose whether to participate in it according to your personal wishes;
  4. Communication tools: You need to download the Slack app, and communicate with us about product problems, and use shared documents to fill out feedback and reports.
If you are a professional adventurer and have plans for trail running, long-distance hiking, freediving, skiing, and climbing in the next two months, you can apply for this beta test.

If you are chosen to be involved in this beta test, you can get a sample for FREE to use before its formal launch, and have a chance to keep it according to your feedback and suggestions. Please fill out the survey link below if you would like to apply.
Recruitment for New Product Testing from Amazfit
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