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December 6, 2023 – Amazfit, a leading global smart wearables brand owned by Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP), a health technology company, has today unveiled the Amazfit Balance Special Edition. To celebrate this launch, Amazfit is hosting a Wellness Winter Wonderland in Berlin in collaboration with the Siciliano Contemporary Ballet, demonstrating the Amazfit smartwatch in artistic action.


Valentina Migliorati, dancer at Siciliano Contemporary Ballet said: "During rehearsals for this special event, the Amazfit Balance Special Edition smartwatches have guided us to improve our physical and mental health, giving us live data on when we are overexerting or ready to push ourselves. We are looking forward to showing the Wonderland guests how these nature-inspired smartwatches have influenced our performance, both in terms of artistic inspiration and physical performance."


Stay Active, Stay Balanced

Along with names inspired by the harmony found in the natural world, the Amazfit Balance Special Edition lifestyle smartwatches are packed full of the mental and physical wellness features found on the Amazfit Balance, including:


  • Mental and physical Readiness analysis and body composition measurement, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of body and mind.
  • AI-powered sleep guidance and relaxation tools, provided by Zepp Aura rest and wellness service.
  • AI-powered Zepp Coach and Zepp Fitness Membership, helping users improve physical health and fitness.
  • Zepp Pay contactless payment, facilitated by Amazfit partnerships with several Mastercard issuing banks. Thanks to this partnership, Zepp Pay enables contactless payment in more than 30 markets in Europe.


Environmentally Conscious

Amazfit Balance Special Edition also comes in packaging made from 100% environmentally friendly materials, and a portion of profits from every purchase will be donated by Zepp Health in support of urban forestry projects in Europe organized by One Tree Planted - a non-profit organization whose mission is to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.


"The partnership with One Tree Planted continues our commitment towards environmental sustainability," said Pengtao Yu, VP Corporate Design, Brand & Consumer Marketing at Zepp Health. "Our Special Edition smartwatches, with names inspired by serene natural environments, emphasize the Amazfit Balance's themes of tranquility and equilibrium, while also enabling our global community of users to make a tangible contribution to important reforestation projects, through a €2 donation being sent to One Tree Planted for every purchase."


The donations made possible by the purchase of each Woodland, Meadow, Lagoon and Deep Sea Blue Special Edition of the Amazfit Balance will see trees planted by local partner organizations and community volunteers in areas across Europe where deforestation has occurred. To commemorate their participation in this important project, buyers will receive a colorful eco-friendly sticker inside the packaging, as well as a special certificate co-signed by Zepp Health and One Tree Planted thanking them for their support.


Amazfit’s Sustainability Commitment

Operating with the ethos "Empowering Health, Inspiring Joy", Zepp Health has carried out a succession of sustainability-focused initiatives in 2023, each aimed at empowering its global community of users to get involved in environmentally friendly activities which align with their healthy and active lifestyles. From donating to non-profit Coral Guardian's coral restoration project in Indonesia for the launch of the Amazfit T-Rex 2 Ocean Blue (Special Edition), to contributing to the adidas Move For The Planet campaign which raised awareness of sustainability through sport, to developing product packaging that uses 100% environmentally friendly materials - which is also utilized for the Amazfit Balance Special Editions - this partnership with One Tree Planted further demonstrates how Zepp Health and its smart wearable brand Amazfit are placing greater emphasis on sustainability as a core value.


The Amazfit Balance and Amazfit Balance Special Edition is available globally on the official Amazfit website and via Amazfit's retail partners, with prices starting from €249.90. Prices and availability may vary depending on model and location.


For more information, please visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.




Notes to Editors

  • Monthly and annual access to Zepp Aura Premium costs €9.99 and €49.99 respectively.
  • Monthly and annual access to Zepp Fitness Membership costs €3.99, and annual access costs €29.99.
  • More information on Zepp Pay on Notice: Zepp Pay is available in Amazfit Balance ordered in the European authorized partners of Amazfit.


Media Contacts

Meg McCabe

Media Manager - Make Honey, Amazfit PR Agency


Dominik Walknowski

PR Manager - Amazfit


About Zepp Health and Amazfit

Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP), a global smart wearable and health technology leader, empowers users to live their healthiest lives by optimizing their health, fitness, and wellness journeys through its leading consumer brands, Amazfit, Zepp Clarity, and Zepp Aura. Powered by its proprietary Zepp Digital Health Management Platform, which includes the Zepp OS, AI chips, biometric sensors, and data algorithms, it delivers cloud-based 24/7 actionable insights and guidance to help users attain their wellness goals. The company has also applied its AI expertise to emerging industrial medical imaging technologies, and delivers data analytics services for population health. To date, Zepp Health has shipped over 200 million units and its products are available in 90+ countries.


Amazfit, a leading global smart wearable brand focused on health and fitness, is part of Zepp Health. Offering a wide selection of smartwatches and bands, Amazfit's brand essence is "Up Your Game", encouraging users to live their passions and express their active spirits freely. With outstanding craftsmanship, Amazfit smartwatches have won many design awards, including the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.


Founded in 2013, Zepp Health has offices across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions.

Launched in 2015, Amazfit is today embraced by millions of users. Its products are available in more than 90 countries across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions.


For more information about Zepp Health, visit, for Amazfit, visit, for Zepp Aura, visit


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